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14 January 2020

Frog By Adam Handling

I can't stop talking about this restaurant.
It's so talented. The food is exquisite. An another level.

This was my Christmas' gift for my boyfriend.
(I don't like to buy material thing, I rather prefer to buy experience.)

So, let me try to explain to you how it was...
If you close your eyes, and you think about the most delicious food you ate..
Can you feel the mouth watering?
Ok, now just think about having this feeling for all your meal! WOW

I have no words to describe such a meal.
We went for the 10 course tasting menu - "Adam's menu"

It's an experience indeed!
When we started with the "Snacks" I thought that was all. Nothing could have been better.
But then, course after course, each one seemed to be better than the previous one. 
My palate was having an orgasm. (Same was for my boyfriend.)

I'm sure they will get a Michelin Star this coming year. They really deserve it.
The service is brilliant.
The Head Waiter come and take your food order but after is the chef of that specific section coming to the table and explaning the dish. Such a high standard service.

Above you can see the first course : Snacks

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