No Foundation, Please

This is my little project & life philosophy. Why wasting time for the foundation when it's something temporary!? Here you will find Travelling & London tips.

Food & Drink

What is your favourite cousine?
Do you book a restaurant when you go in holiday or do you just walk-in ?
Choose a good place where to eat is a skill!

It's hard to know where to go to eat when you are a local.
It must be even worse if you a tourist.
As you search on internet for restaurants/coffee shops you have most of the time as first options very tourist places and let's be honest, you won't remember your meal unless you find a super nice place.

Super nice place doesn't mean that has to be expensive. Actually, there are so many restaurants, deli and coffee shops with good prices and good quality.

Of course, eventually you will end up in a fancy restaurant, if you really want to. However I'm sure you will have check the price, menu & dress code.

It's nice to treat yourself sometimes.
London is a jungle, there are so many new places that I want to try.

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