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23 June 2019

My first real trip! Cantabria & Basque Country

Obviusly I did travel before than this trip, however this one was different.
It opened my mind. I was travelling with a stranger and everything was plan just in few weeks.

Just few months before this trip I wrote a post on a group on facebook.
I was looking for a run mate and I met Alex. Italian guy with a huge passion for travelling and IronMan.
We run couple of times together and one day out of nowhere I asked him:
"Why don't we go somewhere?"
He looked at me and started to throw destinations like he was waiting for someone to ask him that question.

After few weeks we were at the airport flying to Norther Spain (Cantabria & Basque Country).

I don't have many details.. Because my passion for travelling started just after this trip.
At that time I was just taking photos to everthing looked nice to me. I was not taking down names, places, details... (Such a shame)

I understood the value that travelling brings you. It's such a beautiful way to enrich yourself.
It's unique and more you blend with the culture and the people and more you are allowing yourself to becoming someone new.
I wish I could have this passion earlier.
Eventually I could even skipped this post... But I will miss the beginning... And every beginning is never perfect.

It was middle April 2016 and it was raining almost all week, plus I had fever just few days before leaving London. I was not 100% sure if going was going to be a great idea. I did it, and I know can confirm that it was an amazing idea.

We flew to Santander and rent a car. The city centre was nice, however you could see the different between the old and new area.
Plaza Estaciones, Santander, Cantabria
After, we drove down to Santillana del Mar. Such a tiny but beautiful medieval village.
It's worth a visit, especially if you are into history as do I.

Santillana del Mar, Cantabria

After this very surprising stop we finally entered to the Basque Country: Bilbao !
I felt in love with the Guggenheim Museum building & also, here you can find the oldest transporter bridge in the world.
Food and wine were just absolutely yummy.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Bilbao by night
As a last stop, before to flew back to London, an another peaceful oasis of Spain: Gaztelugatxe

You have  between 45 mins and 1 hr of walk, but the view from there is outstanding!!!

I took the risk and I posed on the corner of the rock! The view was breathtaking 


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